Coming Soon: Property Management Market Share

Automated Performance Bench Marking + Market Share

Set and Forget Useful Reports

Reports run every month, agencies just print it up and leave it at reception for teams to grab on the way out.

Automatic Circulation

Data, graphs, PDF Print Ready, excel lists that come to you via email. Team leaders can download multiple reports at once.

Customise Your Data

Use all the data filtering, patches, thresholds to setup your reports from the Market Share tool. Then we just send it to you.

So Many Options

Switch on many options including time ranges, graph types (pie, doughnut and bar graphs) and more.

Patches, Maps, Data and Excel

Patches are easy to draw so your team, offices, staff and market engagement is easy to segment. Pull together multiple suburbs, half a street, key landmarks or super teams to manage performance and project competence easily. 


Reports are so easy to use you don't need to be a technical person, data person or computer savvy.

Quick Data

Within a few clicks in under a minuite you can have a branded graph that links to the property you are pitching for. Right area, right price range, right type. Easy and fast!

Presentation Ready

Branded graphs, maps and layout so you can just print and slip into your existing presentation. Up to date and ready to go.

Valid & Timely

Always updated (nightly) data hits your report so you get the most up to date reports yet always branded and set for you company.

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