Our Mission

Is to bring quick and easy access to data that enables your business, sales and property management. The real estate market is a highly competitive space. Whether house prices are tracking high or low, it takes skill and experience to get the best possible price for vendors. At Real Insights we’re dedicated to supporting real estate professionals who get the best results. So we’ve created a suite of tools that make it easy for them to win more clients with compelling data about their comparative performance and sales track record. Our products use data science to drive higher appraisal-to-list conversion and business growth. We also want the best outcomes for vendors. With critical performance data from agents, they can choose the one with the superior negotiation skills to bring them an above-market sale. Our software supports the industry, professional standards and high achieving agencies by improving the quality and relevance of their communications.

Smart Tools

Real Insights software is developed by technology experts and data scientists. We bring our cutting edge approach to data mining and analysis and consult with the real estate industry to produce flexible, feature-rich products that fully support their communication and sales activities, regardless of how they go to market.

Effective Data

With real time reports on performance and sales in a local context, we’re giving real estate professionals the metrics they need to motivate teams and convert more appraisals to listings. We’re in constant communication with our software users, discovering how we can bring them more value and better insights as their business and the industry evolves. And we’re determined to help them stay ahead of the pack by enhancing our products with even more tools to support their individual needs. This collaborative process creates a software platform designed by agents, for agents.

Easy to Use

Brand templates, single click to produce reports and monthly automated bench-marking enables agents, principles and marketing manages to easily support their team with competitive reports that assist in more sales and better performance.

Our Team

Patrick Hill

Chief Executive Officer
Patrick oversees the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications. With a skillset and industry exposure that includes developing people, businesses and technology, Patrick is dedicated to bringing the benefits of sciences to all three. After more than 20 years as an innovator and leader, founding Real Insights has allowed him to apply his expertise and passion to the high stakes world of the real estate industry. Patrick has made it his mission to achieve better outcomes for vendors and the real estate professionals who serve them best. Qualified as a Psychologist specialising in neuropsychology and statistical analysis, Patrick also has a double Masters in Business Studies under his belt. As a consultant to fast-growth technology companies, he honed his business acumen and developed successful techniques for fostering growth through innovation. This experience brings significant benefits to Real Insights customers, who are investing in a product that will continue to develop and evolve, keeping them one step ahead of the industry as it changes.

Hayley Hill

Founder & Operations Manager
A master of multi-tasking, Hayley is the agile and resourceful leader of a business on the rise. Keeping every aspect of the Real Insights operation running smoothly takes skills in relationship management, accounting, marketing and much more. Two of her most important goals for the business are driving brand awareness and customer engagement. To succeed in both, Hayley takes a proactive approach to communicating with real estate professionals, both as individuals and as a community. Her commitment to strong customer relationships has given Real Insights valuable feedback for developing and refining their offering to match the needs of the market.

Sarah Bentley

Support Manager
Sarah is passionate about support, sharing information and communications. She is here to help and very focused on great customer outcomes. Sarah has focused on the day to day support of real insights products and the Realm industry free app. With multi-media, email communications and the use of web support Sarah has excelled at supporting real insights customers through existing and new product releases.
“The care and attention to detail paid by the whole team at Real Insights is really second to none. It comes as no surprise to me that they work with some of the industry leaders and attract top talent worldwide”
Brett Hunter

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