Prove your value with the Real Insights Property Management Market Share tool

In 2019 Real Insights launched a business benchmarking and presentation tool for Real Estate Property Management teams looking to grow their rent roll in the most efficient way possible.

“This marks a key milestone for Real Insights in providing data for property management applying all the learnings from our sales property management tools. “ says CEO Patrick Hill.  Many of our customers had expressed an interest in demonstrating value in the form of reports for the Property Management side of their businesses. “We’ve developed this tool based on what property managers are asking for”.

“Every business owner knows the value of your ‘Agency’ is a multiple of your rent roll so building a sizeable rent roll is a very important part of the strategy. Our business is always growing so having the advantage of clearly demonstrating the size of our property management portfolio and it’s the continued growth, alongside our other valued services means we can go to potential landlords and show the truth of the local market and our performance in it, benchmarked against our competitors. If you have a property management team with strong numbers, this leads quickly to higher growth.” Brett Hunter – Director Raine&Horne Terrigal, Avoca Beach, Saratoga

Real Insights reports enable business owners to run the data in seconds and have it presented in brand compliant reports, with graphs, maps and details that would take your administration or property management team weeks to collate normally, by which time, it’s no longer the most up to date information. This saves time and enables BDM’s to do their job with the most advanced tools for converting potential landlords. It also enables the coaching of Agents and targeting of new clients, based on their properties Days on Market compared with the competition.

Stewart Maloney, C21 Menai says “You can review your coaching of agents, target new clients and know your numbers!” which really enables a business leader to move with confidence. Stewart went on to say that “having this data is so unique. It’s not easily available from other sources making the tool exceptionally valuable in my business.”

Real Insights released this new functionality with the Property Management Market Share Tool this year after a Beta launch with existing customers in 2018. “We were incredibly pleased with the response from our clients and are honoured to be providing value to them in a place that is really needed.”

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